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Project Management

It is a fact that most IT projects fail due to deficiencies in the area of project management. At Novo Communications, project management is the cornerstone of our business. Not only do we provide project managers for all of our disciplines, but also we offer project management as a separate service. Our PMs will work hand in hand with consultants, designers, integrators, contractors and your companies’ representatives to ensure that the project meets the specifications, finishes on schedule and under budget. We assign senior and junior-level project managers to all of our projects depending on their size and scope. In specific circumstances, we will also assign a project executive, which is usually an officer of the company.

  • Scope of Work/Estimates
  • Communication
  • Project Planning (Critical Path)
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Control
  • Project Documentation
  • After Action Reviews (Knowledge Transfer/Lessons Learned)

Infrastructure Consulting

Do you have an upcoming migration project or maybe an expansion that you know will impact your network, but do not have the time or the resources to evaluate your existing network infrastructure? Do you want to be able to make an informed decision about your project? Then let Novo Communications help you with planning, designing, coordinating and implementing your next upgrade.

Novo Communications can perform facility site surveys to develop cost estimations for budget purposes or scope of work definitions for RFQ preparations. Novo Communications can also perform an analysis of your network for assessment/feasibility or documentation for voice, data, video, building automation systems, and outside plant fiber & copper. We strongly urge all of our customers to spend the time on the front end of a project to eliminate costly change orders in the future.

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